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The passing of Fidel Castro, as reported in Mexico

Sailing “Jig & Jigger”
Seal and Pelicans, waiting for leftovers
Our neighbors…, after cleaning
La Paz street art
The Port Captains’s office, Cabo
The Melecon, La Paz
The Melecon 2, La Paz
La Paz
A friend

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I have not posted as we have just been relaxing and getting ready for our trip home. Our new crew heading north now includes my brother Kevin. Michael left shortly after our arrival in Cabo. So the new crew, besides myself is Vickie, Kevin and Zelda. Vickie and I had a pleasant trip south from La Paz back to Cabo, anchoring again in Los Muertos and Los Frailes, after a trip to Bahia San Gabriel at Isla Espiritu Santo, a beautifully protected island by UNESCO. We will be coming back here! We had planned on leaving Cabo last Friday. Kevin arrived Wednesday and on Thursday he and Vickie set off to purchase our provisions to head north. I left to get our immigration and boat papers done, plus a new crew manifest so we could leave the country. I hiked to the immigration office and took a number. After a bit I was called to the window. The poor woman’s English was about as good as my Spanish. She called her supervisor who said he would meet with me downstairs. He greeted me and took me into his office. He showed me a stack of paperwork, a foot high that represented all the people that had come and gone the pass month and he had to process it all. I apologized for adding to his workload and he laughed and said “no problema”! He created a new crew list and checked us out of the country. He took our visas and stamped our passports and wished us a safe trip. My next destination was the Port Captain, who was on the other side of town. On my way I stoped for a bite of lunch and had the best pastore fajitas! I arrived at the Port Captain and asked if I could check out of the country and get my Zarpe papers. These are the final documents for the boat to leave the country. He asked if I was aware of the weather? I said yes that we had a couple day window that would get us to our next location and we would wait for the weather to improve. He said the weather was bad and he could not allow us to leave. He said to wait a few days and then come back. We decided to stay and missed our window. I went back on Friday and met with him again and said we wanted to leave on Sunday. He said the weather was very bad and we should wait. I told him we would leave on Sunday. He said he knew nothing about Sunday but Friday was very bad. The office is closed on the weekend and he suggested I come back Monday. Well the weather was quite bad on Friday and Saturday but Sunday is looking good and the rest of the week is improving. But we are in the country illegally as we had relinquish our visas on Thursday and we were still in the country!!! No problema…This is Mexico, not a problem and no walls to climb. So we leave tomorrow morning heading back north. Tomorrow we will head to Bahia Santa Maria, a 30 hour passage. At night we will be about 20 miles out and then arrive Monday afternoon. We will spend the night then head for Turtle Bay, a 38 hour passage. We will probably arrive in the evening of Wednesday. We plan on spending the day, resting up and getting some fuel from a panga. We will leave Friday morning for Bahia San Quintin, a 30 hour passage. Once there we will determine if we want to slow down a bit or keep up our fast pace. Bill our neighbor and friend at our slip in Napa has agreed to be our weather guru as we bash north. We will have limited internet and cell coverage, so weather reports will be difficult to come by. We will check in, as we can, and he will text conditions that are ahead of us. Though the weather is trending in our favor, it is comforting having Bill give us current reports. Our last meal tonight was a tradition meal cooked in a volcanic bowl of pork, chicken, shrimp and beef,,,YUM! I will post some photos from the past few days. Best to all! The Crew of the Windhorse